• I’m in the process of evaluating projects & opportunities to work on in the next 6-12 months. Got an interesting project you want to talk about? I love talking about interesting projects! Inbox me.
  • I’ll be participating in the ONA Speakers’ Bureau, a program which brings trainers for cutting-edge skills to local chapters of the Online News Association. I’ll be in Seattle on 3/8, additional dates TBD.
  • I recently started an organization for professionals and students called Full Stack Journalists. Our first meeting was on Tuesday, 2/20. We will be meeting and working on projects together.
  • I’ll be bringing a team to 48in48, a hackathon that creates websites for local nonprofits. That’s in April.
  • I just completed working on a web app for newsrooms covering Hurricane Harvey.
  • I’m exploring building a bot with the Trollbusters team. Trollbusters delivers just-in-time help to women, particularly women journalists, who are the targets of online harassment and death threats. [Done! See Building the Trollbusters Bot for a writeup of the process. Trollbusters founder Michelle Ferrier and I are being interviewed for a story on TechLadies soon, too]
  • I’ll be speaking at the ONA Boston Lightning Talks at Upstatement on August 1. (Done! See the microsite Data Driven maps with Leaflet.js).
  • I built a site from scratch using Jekyll and Github Pages to house my growing interest in contemporary art. I’m holding some space, mentally, for potential tech projects to help artists and to help the rest of us experience visual arts in new ways. If that sounds like you, get at me.
  • I’m working on a project that I’m not talking about publicly yet.
  • I recently completed the General Assembly Web Development Intensive in Boston. Check out all these new skills.
  • I’m working with Hack the Hood on rolling out ways to expand their program. Hack the Hood offers coding bootcamps to youth of color in Oakland, CA, and is one of the most high-impact tech equity nonprofits working today.
  • I’m looking to work with local nonprofits that provide direct help to people in need, either as a volunteer or as a member of a board. I have significant experience working with nonprofits to raise money and become more effective. I’m particularly interested in nonprofits working in the areas of justice and equity for people of color, women, and LGBT people, as well as nonprofits working with people in recovery. Please contact me if this sounds like you.
  • I’m rebooting my Data Visualization for Absolute Beginners course with my favorite edtech company, General Assembly. This is a course for people at nonprofits, activists, and others who want to change the world for the better, and need a few charts and graphs to help communicate why that change is important.
  • I’m really enjoying working with Processing again. Processing is a programming language designed for use by visual artists. Beauty is what we need today!
  • I have very limited opportunities for consulting now, but if I can’t work with you or I’m not the right person for your project, I’m always happy to refer you to people I know & respect. Please contact me if you are looking for someone to work with.

Would you like to add to this list? Please do reach out to me.

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