Map of boston with points representing bike collisions

Data-Driven Maps

I have a long fascination with data-driven maps. Here’s a new outpost of that fascination — a small custom site I spun up for a talk at ONA Boston on using the Leaflet.js mapping library to create maps with rich datalayers. My skills have leveled up a great deal since participating in General Assembly’s Web Development Intensive, and it’s allowed me to pursue my technical interests in fascinating new ways.

Map of boston with points representing bike collisions

My next step is to start figuring out two things:

  • How to connect a map to a database back-end (and thus make a CRUD app where one part of the UI is a map)
  • Using vector layers to make a map clickable, and change states on a back end server based on a user’s clicks (to make, say, a game where the “game board” a user interacts with is a map)

For previous work on maps, see my Absurdly Illustrated Tutorial To Making Your First Map With Tile Mill.